TheInterna is a place where Start-ups and Interns connect and was founded by students for students. We provide students with unique, stretching and exciting internship opportunities throughout Italy. We work with small and innovative companies who are in the early stages of their development as these companies offer a very different proposition to Interns, as opposed to some of the large corporations out there. Working for one of our partners out in Italy gives our students a chance to make a tangible and visible impact on another business as well as to their own personal development.

Some of our students for example have interned in places such as BizPlace, a venture capital start-up founded by Federico Palmieri. At the time our students joined, BizPlace was in earnest, only an idea and Federico was working with a small team. Our students help the BizPlace gain its initial clients and gave the founder the chance to pursue his dream. Today, now known as BizPlace Holding, Early Stage Capital Advisors, is a rapidly growing company and Federico has recently been named a member of the Forbes Italia U30 cohort for 2019. We feel this exemplifies the role that Erasmus interns can play and the impact they can have in helping these companies in the early stages of their development.

We are small and we occupy a niche area of the market, and this is what enables us to provide a great service. We provide an individualised service to each of the students that we work with, and they have access to more than just our internship opportunities. Across the process, we like to work closely with each of our students, be this offering advice on applications, suggesting the right jobs that we think suit their strengths, and even during the Internship, we support our students and ensure that the Internship is living up to expectation. By working for a smaller Italian company gives your the ideal opportunity to form meaningful relationships with native Italians and work in Italian. We want our students to not only be fluent in Italian by the end of the internship but have developed their network, grown their hard and soft skills and be ready to ace any interview post university thanks to their experience.

Beyond this, the opportunities we offer are unique and that’s what attracts our students. Most of the companies we engage are flexible, entrepreneurial and breaking new ground in their respective fields. As a result, the Internships offered are not restrictive in their subject matter, and often Interns find themselves working across all parts of the business, which we feel not only stretches them linguistically, but also leads to a truly unique experience.