Our Interns that we work with come from Top 10 UK Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Durham. In addition to their excellent academic credentials, with these students you will be able to draw upon their professional and academic networks now and in the future also. Students from these Universities often go on to work in some of the world’s top institutions in a variety of sectors such as Social media, consulting, venture capital, fashion, biotechnology to name but a few. The academic ability of our students is only matched by their potential and their networks back in the United Kingdom.


We have already mentioned the new networks that our students will provide you and your business. However, another aspect that is important to consider is that most of our students can speak more than just English and Italian and often are highly proficient in other major languages such as German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Their wide linguistic abilities can be extremely useful when trying to branch out in to some of these other localities.


The typical profile of the companies we work with are those who are eventually, or even currently, looking for investment. Having a pitch deck written in perfect English and the ability to practice your pitch with a native English resource will set you up significantly when pitching to international investors. The venture capital industry is expanding and diversifying, don’t let your language put you behind the rest.


The Erasmus partnership offers a great way to find exceptional, international talent looking for internships of between 3 and 12 months. The students benefit from an Erasmus grant to help them through their time in Italy. Although we ask where possible that the student is given a salary, we understand this may not always be viable in a smaller company. We ask therefore that where benefits can be offered, they are.


Many of our current partners find that over the course of having employed an Intern, their own English linguistic skills have improved greatly. The access to a native English speaker as part of their businesses provided a fantastic learning and development opportunity for many of their staff to practice their spoken and written English in a more relaxed environment, whilst being able broaden their “English-Business” vocabulary.