When theInterna was first set up, it was built by students, for students. Whilst our model has benefits for both the students and the businesses, we don’t believe in charging students for our services as we are looking to help improve the Erasmus year process and provide students with opportunities to help their personal development and help them find their perfect year abroad.


We understand that the focus of you year abroad is to become fluent in the target language. By interning in a much smaller team you are able to form close ties and relationships with the other native Italian employees. Many large corporations are fixated on english being the key language. In smaller companies they tend to focus firstly on the Italian market so you’ll see your Italian improve at such an accelerated pace and you won’t even notice!


Here at theInterna, we truly believe that interning in your year abroad is a good way to stand out from the crowd in the future. Interning with a small dynamic company gives you the opportunity to explore much more of the day to day running of a business than in a larger corporation, and with this will go increased levels of responsibility and chances to shine in your role. Many of our past students found that employers were very keen to hear about their year abroad work and the more responsibility you get, the higher the chances of securing a great role.


This may sound trivial however, moving abroad can be tricky and can at times be lonely. The good news is the companies that we work with, by their nature of being innovative and nimble start-ups, tend to have a high percentage of young people working for them, and so this provides a great community for you to socialise with whilst on your year abroad.


Your year abroad is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life and it is a chance to make it what you wish. At theInterna we like to think that the experience of working for an entrepreneurial organistaion whilst on your year abroad will give you an experience that will be unlike any other. The excitement, reward and experience we’ve found is like none other. The relationships that have sprung from these internships, the learning and unforgettable experiences is why we do what we do.