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MyWay Genetics is a startup based in Pavia (20 km south of Milan), active in the field of genetic diagnostics in the transplants sector. The company is developing a device for monitoring the rejection problem in heart transplant patients that eventually will address the need for a better and less invasive surveillance than the current standard procedure (I.e. Endomyocardial biopsy, EMB). Currently we are made up of the three founders, a multi-skilled team whose competencies range from science to engineering to business and design. We are supported by a network of MDs and professionals in the field of genetics and bioinformation, and a great team of top-notch international advisors both from medicine and business backgrounds. We are also building a relationship with a biotech incubator in Milan that will provide a work-space and skilled people. A round of capital raising and a retrospective study on the product are planned for spring 2019.

The Opportunity

We are looking for a bright young student who would be able to provide support to the management team in refining the assumptions of the business plan and to double check and integrate our presentation decks. If the opportunity arises, participation to startup events would also be part of the job. A competence in finance to challenge the numbers of the business plan would be a plus.

A decent level of Italian is what we’re looking for (understanding, speaking).

Remuneration and Holidays

We will reimburse lunches and public transportation passes if needed to reach the office.

Intern’s Training

The student who will work with us will have the opportunity to be exposed to a highly qualified environment on a very exciting project that in several years will change the life of thousands for the better. The opportunity to be on the front line of a financing round and give an actual contribution to the understanding of a very sophisticated market will provide first-hand experience of the challenges and the excitement of the biotech startup world. MyWay Genetics is a very flat organization where everyone can speak up and bring his/her own contribution from day one, but where also no-one is left alone to solve problems.

Insurance Information

The company is based in a building as part of a co-working space (here we have our own office space). Access to labs is generally restricted and it is not necessary for the job function for which we are recruiting (but this can be safely provided in the case that the student would like to see our work firsthand).

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