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CO-Rent are currently based in a shared space in Via Jacopo della Quercia 6a, 40128, Bologna.

In Bologna we are 2 + coworkers and collaborators. In the other 3 locations there are on average 2 people per site.

Co-Rent is the first shared rental of audio-video equipment. When we started, there was no sharing economy model applied to audiovisual rentals in the world. We have been doing this for 4 years with an average of 200 rentals a year.

Looking to the future we are building the largest rental network in Italy. We already have 4 offices from north to south and we hope to reach 8 locations by 2019.

The Opportunity

We are looking for interns who can dynamically manage the following areas: – Marketing – Social Media Management – Customer management – Translation and research

It is a question of coordinating with our communication agency in the management of marketing campaigns, of being able to talk with customers (especially foreign ones), a small part of document management and translation or research necessary for business development. As for the equipment, we will offer the opportunity to learn how to use it daily and also through monthly workshops that we organize. In this case the intern will work in the logistic and practical management of the workshop if required.

A medium / high knowledge of Italian is welcome. Here we speak a rather precise Italian, if the intern has a good level they will be able to take full advantage of it and improve upon it.

Remuneration and Holidays

We would like to start by asking for a low number of working hours but no additional compensation.
However, we offer wage increases as the number of hours worked increases.
In addition, if the intern feels capable, we offer sales commissions. This serves as a stimulus
even for the intern to experiment with their skills. In essence, if the intern brings customers they take a percentage of earnings.
In summary, our request / proposal is:
– 4 hours a day x 5 days (Mon-Fri) + a return per month for 2 hours at the weekend.
– 10 days of paid holidays as normal working days
– additional pay from € 200 if requested  to work 8 hours  9-18 (flexible with an hour break)
– possible additional earnings on general sales

Intern’s Training

In Co-Rent you can learn many different things:

– to deal with various types of customers, from the young video maker to the important national production company – to communicate new concepts in a succinct and effective way, in reality, not like in books;) – to learn about high level equipment in use to the greatest professionals of the world of the cinema – to discover that all the parts of the job are important, from the cleaning of the equipment to the negotiation with the producers of equipment.
– to know how to adapt their own work rhythm according to the needs. Sometimes you have to run, other times you do it calmly.

– to write informally and welcoming but without becoming “friends” of the customers – to use generic expressions to delicately communicate unpleasant information

The important thing for us with the Intern is that they really want to work to improve and help Co-Rent grow. If they have this kind of desire, good things can happen for everyone.

Insurance Information

CoRent  uses the support of a security consultant and holds standard insurance coverage for employees at the workplace.

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